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Jun 1, 2006 ZUP36-6. ZUP60-3.5. ZUP80-2.5. ZUP120-1.8. ZUP6-66. ZUP10-40. ZUP20-20. ZUP36-12. ZUP60-7. ZUP80-5. ZUP120-3.6. ZUP6-132.ZUP36-12/U TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. | 285-1676- 0 ~ 36VDC Output Bench (AC to DC) Power Supply Digital 0 ~ 12A Output 400W ZUP Instr Manual.ZUP36-12 TDK-Lambda Bench Top Power Supplies 432W 0V-36V 0A-12A datasheet, inventory, & pricing.Lambda ZUP36-12 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lambda ZUP36-12 User Manual.ZUP20. ZUP36. ZUP60. ZUP80. ZUP120. Load Regulation. -. 2mV + 0.005% over 0 - 100% load change. Line Regulation mV 02%+5mV 02%+8mV 02%+12mV 02%+20mV 02%+35mV 02%+50mV 02%+70mV User Manual. NL102.ZUP Instr Manual ZUP/NL100 - TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. | 285-2334-ND ZUP36-12/U; TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. PWR SUP BENCH PROG 0-36V 432W .02%+5mV. 02%+8mV. 02%+12mV 02%+20mV 02%+35mV ZUP36-12. 0-36. 0-12 ZUP/NC404. User Manual .ZUP36-6. 0-12A. ZUP36-12. 0-24A. ZUP36-24. 0-60V. 0-3.5A. ZUP60-3.5. 0-7A (*10) Inverter shut down method, manual reset.Просмотреть техническую документацию в PDF, Просмотреть техническую документацию в PDF. ZUP 36-12. мощности (Вт), 432. Output.

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