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I am on the 7.0 version of Synon/2E and V5R2 version of OS/400 I would upgrade my Iseries in V6R1 of OS/400, but I do not know which version of SYNON/2E I must load, according to compatibility.

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This guide describes how a 2E Synon model can be transformed into a modern application, and includes Free formatted coding, such as RPGLE/Free.

  1. CA 2E. Design, generate, implement and maintain applications with greater efficiency will guide you through the steps required to develop.

  2. Command Reference Guide. Version 8.6.00. CA 2E RPGIV generation options: The options which are used to generate RPGIV (RPGLE) source in the model .

  3. Synon/2E is the most popular AS/400 development tool, Synon/2E is also a full-life cycle, model-based environment. It's perfect for building AS/400 applications. A family of extensions increases the capabilities of 2E. For example, Thin Client for 2E allows you to generate Java client-AS/400 server applications from the same design model.

Synon was a software company which, at its height, dominated the worldwide market for third-party application development tools for the IBM System i (formerly AS/400) platform. The AS/400 version of Synon/2 was named Synon/2E. Thus programs could be automatically regenerated with no manual intervention .

  1. Synon was acquired by Sterling back in the late 90's and was marketed there as Cool:2E, and then to Computer Associates a few years ago which then called it "Allfusion.

  2. Toolkit Reference Guide. Release 8.6.00. CA 2E YCHKLIBLST (And All CA 2E Library List Commands) *AS400: Convert for IBM i. MBRLST. Qualified .

  3. May 12, 2009 AS/400 Synon Synon/2E At present I'm working in AS400 RPGLE. I ran away screaming from SYNON in 1995 and have never looked back… Tod Horse model is the one which is know as Beginner guide in Synon.

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SYNON Introduction Synon is also known as CA2E. Synon is a Code Generator tool which is used primarily in AS400. Its a object oriented tool which provides rapid code development environment.

Having worked with the Synon:2E product from 1988 through 2008, I know that even if there was a trial version available, it would be very difficult to get the feel for it, as the learning curve initially is quite large. Better to find a shop willing to show you a little about it, and/or contact CA for some further information. Once you get the hang of how and what within the product.