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The Simdem package is also integrated into the Silverfrost FTN95 package, controls, the Simfit reference manual (w_manual.pdf) should be consulted. codes in the w_menus.dll for transferring data to and from files or the clipboard and, .

Online help for FTN95 topic: FTN95 from the command-line. Fortran for of FTN95.EXE for you it will be worth reading below how it can be done manually.

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May 9, 2000 FTN95(Win32), the Salford Fortran 95 compiler for 80486 and Pentium If an attempt is made to transfer data to an element outside the .

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  • Downloaded Silverfrost FTN95. Have many programs on Microsoft FORTRAN 5.0 for DOS. Is there a converter to FTN95 or FORTRAN 77 ? Recommend a Manual for FTN95.

  • Steve, I've had a cursory look at Silverfrost's MSWIN module information online. It appears this module is a Silverfrost-provided port of the Microsoft Win32 API to Fortran.

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A certain TYPE initialisation was causing FTN95 to crash. In 64-bit mode, the use of TRANSFER to create invalid REAL constant was causing FTN95 to crash.

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Hi, I'm evaluating IVF with a view to "changing horses" from Silverfrost's FTN95 compiler. I've tried compiling a source file with module definitions but get "loads of errors" that I don't.

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With Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows you can create console based, conventional Windows® and Microsoft NET applications. Silverfrost FTN95 is the only compiler that can produce Microsoft NET applications that can use the full Fortran 95 language.