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AAF 51-127-4 Pilot Training Manual for the P-47N Thunderbolt More in this category: « AAF 51-127-4 Pilot Training Manual for the P-47N Thunderbolt AN 01-65BC-1A Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for P-47D-25,-26,-27,-28 -30 and -35 airplanes.

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A Republic P-47N Thunderbolt in flight. Used as both a high-altitude escort fighter and a low-level fighter-bomber, the P-47 quickly gained a reputation for ruggedness. Its sturdy construction and air-cooled radial engine enabled the Thunderbolt to absorb severe battle damage and keep flying.

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P-47 Republic Thunderbolt. P-47 MANUALS AND RESOURCES AVAILABLE WITH MEMBERSHIP (15 Erection & Maintenance Manual.

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  2. Republic P-47 Thunderbolt PDF eBook Aircraft Flight Manuals. Price: .95. 13 magazines, 2 manuals, photos P-47 Pilot Training Manual, 1945; 275 P-47 Thunderbolt Photos; Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. P-47D-30 Specifications 747 787 A-4 A-10 A380 AH-64 Airpower Airshow B-17 B-29 B-52 Bob Hoover C-17 CH-47 Cold War Crossfield.

  3. Whine from the Jug, Part 5 of P-47 Thunderbolt story; Forgotten Fortresses, Building the Prototype B-17; Fokker's Flying Razors, WW I Germany's Too Late Terror .

This P-47 Razorback was carefully researched with as much “hands on” experience as possible, including visiting real P-47’s, running it up, recording the actual engine running inside and out, interviewing pilots, studying the flight manuals, and documenting the plane.

P-47 *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Known as the Jug because of its .

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The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was a World War II era fighter aircraft produced by the United States from 1941 through 1945. Its primary armament was eight 50-caliber machine guns and in the fighter-bomber ground-attack role it could carry five-inch rockets or a bomb load of 2,500 pounds (1,103.