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Academic Books of the Future: An Initial Literature Review Scope of this review This is an early stage review of literature relevant to a study of possible futures for academic books in the arts and humanities. It does not claim to be comprehensive, and we plan to add to it during the course of the project.

A literature review or narrative review is a type of review article. A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge including .

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A literature review is a "comprehensive study and interpretation of literature that addresses a specific topic" (Aveyard, 2010). Literature reviews are generally conducted in one of two ways: 1) As a preliminary review before a larger study in order to critically evaluate the current literature and justify why further study and research is required.

How to Write a Good Literature Review A literature review is the summary and critical evaluation of previous published or unpublished researches made by various scholars and researchers. The source of literature review may be newspapers, articles, journals, magazines, books, thesis, reports, websites, wikis.

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  1. Writing a Short Literature Review William Ashton, Ph.D. York College, CUNY A student began a short literature review on the stigma of the mentally ill and perceptions of dangerousness. Working through PsychArticles she found three likely articles. When she read each, she wrote a paragraph description of each: Alexander, L.A., Link, B.G. (2003).

  2. A literature review is likewise not a collection of quotes and paraphrasing from other sources. A good literature review should critically evaluate the quality and findings of the research. A good literature review should avoid the temptation of stressing the importance of a particular research program.

  3. 1. Introduction and Review of Literature Meat industry is a classical example for paradoxical situation prevalent in our country. Although India is bestowed with largest livestock population in the world meat production, consumption level is one of the lowest in the world. India.

Fiction Literature Book Reviews. Magazine. Email Newsletter Log In. Toggle navigation MENU Best of 2018 Author Services. Editing Services; Indie Book Reviews Read full book review FICTION LITERATURE. Released: Jan. 1, 2019. Reviewed: Dec. 11, 2018. THE ONE YOU FIGHT.

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A literature review describes academic papers which are relevant to a particular field or topic. It provides an overview of the main theories and hypotheses , appropriate methods and methodologies, what questions are being asked, the key findings, and who the key writers.