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In this manual (unless indicated otherwise), “HS8” refers to both the HS8 and HS8I, “HS7” refers to the HS7 and. HS7I and “HS5” refers.8 HS80M/HS50M/HS10W Owner’s Manual Adding a Subwoofer Even if you don’t plan to set up a surround system, adding a subwoofer can be a real advantage for stereo mixing.From the official manuals you can see that Yamaha HS80M have a frequency response from 42Hz to 20 KHz within 10 dB range, and KRK RP8 .

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Yamaha HS80M vs KRK RP 8 G2 vs Mackie MR 8. Ask Question 2. 1. From the official manuals you can see that Yamaha HS80M have a frequency response from 42Hz to 20 KHz within 10 dB range, and KRK RP8 have a frequency response from 45 Hz to 20 KHz within 1.5 dB range. I have a pair of m-audio bx8a deluxes. Personally, I am happy.The Yamaha HS80M Active Studio Monitor being one of the most important components. Check it out!! more. Stonebank You can see them next to the screen. more. M-Audio Studiophile BX8a Deluxe Active Studio Monitor (9) 30 reviews dj_alias. 280 current until i get the genelec 8040bpm's + 3. over 4 years.Home The Forums Low End Theory M-Audio Bx8a VS Yamaha HS-80. Login / Join. Join with Facebook Bx8a are ok for dance / electronic music with a strong necessity for a bass thump. For everything though including dance/electronic music I'd just for the HS80s. HS80m bass IS DEEP (my pair in the corner plays 40 Hz @ -0db referenced.

But its pretty direct. what u hear is what it is. The manual is very clear. Sound quality is the best, you can really depend on these speakers. i just worry a little in the high mid freq. Yamaha HS80M, KRK Rockit 8, Adam A7, M-Audio BX8a Deluxe and Dynaudio BM6A. I tested with 3 different genres of music, HipHop, R B and Jazz.M-audio Studiophile Bx5a Deluxe Manual Recent M-Audio BX5a Speaker questions, problems answers. BX8a Deluxe Powered Studio Monitors at AMS, M Audio BX5a 5. Just a quick sound test of my 1 month old M Audio Bx5 d2 studio monitors Yamaha HS80M New 694318004661, Audio Studiophile BX5 Powered.The BX8a Deluxe was designed and tested by veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring environment. It is focused on the functional .

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Feb 4, 2015 A great guide to the best studio monitors for recording on a budget while it's because I'm a huge fan of their HS8 system, but it generally sells for around 0 A set of BX8 D2 usually sells for 9 - get the latest price and .M-Audio BX8a vs Yamaha HS80m. I just spent the afternoon comparing a pair of BX8a’s versus HS80m’s and the conclusion was simple: I now own a pair of Yamahas. This is as unpaid as a review.Jan 3, 2007 Myself, I like the sound of the BX8as and the price is very good too. The HS80's i havn't really heard through them for too long but the feature .

Sep 14, 2018 We compare the best professional and budget models of monitor Passive speakers will need some amplification (we're writing a guide on that in a bit), but The Yamaha HS8 monitors also have something built-in called the Read our reviews: BX5 Carbon | BX6 Carbon | BX8 Carbon | SBX10.M-Audio Bx8a VS Yamaha HS-80 alot of people have been saying the m-audio has amped low end and missing the midrange so when mixing with them, the mixes are dull. i read nothing but positives from the yamaha tho, saying they dont lie and are the best in their price range.The second generation HS Series also adds a new 6.5" model to the lineup, bringing its exceptional accuracy to an even greater variety of recording environments. Product Information. HS8 Manual Library Firmware / Software Updates Documents and Data About Yamaha.